Cox® Technic eCourses


Cox® Technic itself is a hands-on technique, but much of its academic basis may be introduced effectively online and its application may be demonstrated online.


Cox® Technic eCourses are designed for you to study at home.

Cox® Technic itself is a hands-on technique, but much of its academic basis may be introduced effectively online and its application may be demonstrated online. The onsite courses are essential to really get the "feel" of the proper application, especially with the objective force measuring transducer.

Our eCourses allow certified as well as not-yet certified doctors the opportunity to gain more insight into everyday clinical practice aspects of Cox® Technic...and even hear Dr. Cox in the privacy of their own offices !

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CE Credentialing.

Cox® Technic eCourses are not created for CE currently.


     Online Benefits.

You get to choose where you want to study: at home, in office, on the plane or at the beach. Dr. Cox will present interesting topics to you from his the comfort of his clinic office as well as his home office.

Know that he will always present you the latest information with plenty of published literature and much excitement and passion.

Keep in touch as we develop these classes. We are open to topic suggestions.